VIP Portable Toilet Rental

  • Our VIP portable toilet provides an abundance of lavish amenities, all contained inside the unit.
  • More spacious than our roomy deluxe toilet rental.
  • Perfect for use at formal events and other upscale gatherings.
  • Each VIP unit includes:
    • dependable flushing toilet
    • self-closing faucet
    • trash bin
    • vanity and mirror
    • automated lighting
    • refreshing fragrance disc
    • lockable door to prevent intrusion
  • Your VIP portable toilets are guaranteed to be absolutely clean and operating at their very best.

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VIP Portable Toilet Rentals – Upscale Accommodations for Truly Special Events

Give your valued event attendees the VIP treatment with our first-rate VIP portable toilet rentals. These upscale units are wider than our already comfortable deluxe toilet models, providing additional space to maneuver and helping to diminish potential unease that some may occasionally feel when using portable restrooms. This added room is especially beneficial at formal gatherings where guests are wearing various kinds of evening attire that can prove challenging to manage in more confined spaces.

VIP Portable Restrooms Provide Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage that the VIP toilet has is that everything you need is conveniently found within the unit itself. In addition to having a reliable flushing toilet and self-closing faucet, this unit includes a trash receptacle, vanity with mirror, and automated lighting set at just the right brightness. Don’t let lackluster toilets have a negative impact on your gathering. A special event deserves a truly top-tier portable toilet, and that is exactly what you get with the VIP portable toilet from Event Factory Rentals.

We take pride in all of our rental products and in the exceptional service we provide on a consistent basis. Rest assured that all of our toilet units are intensively inspected and cleaned before being delivered for use at your event site. To make the units feel especially fresh, we include a pleasant-smelling fragrance disc in each one we send out. We believe this is an important step, and one that is not common in the industry as a whole.

Event Rental Expertise and Service Beyond Compare

All of our dedicated employees have substantial experience in the industry, and put in the time and effort needed to get the job done right every time. No matter the type of event, be it a food & wine festival, concert or something similar, we have all of the portable restrooms you’ll need to successfully accommodate all who attend.

Please note that if your special event includes alcohol, you will need up to 4 times as many portable toilets as an average event where there is no alcohol consumption.

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